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The Old Homestead Steakhouse
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Specializing in the 4 food groups: BEEF BEEF BEEF and BEEF!

For some people, beef is a pastime. For us, it's a way of life.

Located in the heart of the former meatpacking district, in what has become one of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods for entertainment, culture, hospitality and nightlife, Old Homestead has operated from the same place since opening its doors in 1868 – making it one of the longest continually serving restaurants in America.

The landscape has changed, but the iconic restaurant has not wavered from specializing in what it considers the most important major food group: beef. The result? Old Homestead is legendary for its prime aged USDA Texas-size slabs of beef – whether its signature sirloin, porterhouse or filet mignon.

Greg and Marc Sherry have developed a close relationship with many of the meat packers, which allows The Old Homestead to select the finest cuts of beef available.

The world has changed but our commitment to beef has not.

To purchase a gift certificate for our New York City location only